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Phrases to Know, In Any Language, When Traveling (Part 1)

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Sojourning Abroad

Placing the part one tag at the beginning of this post is a little ambition.  I admit it, I am expecting a lot of you as a reader.  “Me as a reader,” you ask, “why, whatever could he mean?”

Well this blog series is going to first present a list phrases that you should know in the language of the place you are visiting.  We will then spend the next couple weeks presenting what those phrases are in each of the main languages in Europe.

I created this list below of phrases your averagesojournermay need, but it is not perfect.  It is a list based on my travel experiences and my knowledge of travel.  Here’s where you come in!  After looking at the list, we want your opinion.  Based on your travel, what would you add, remove, or just like to see on the list?…

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June 29, 2012 at 22:28

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