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Phrases to Know When Traveling (Part 2)

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Good terms to use when traveling. Always be polite, if possible. I lived in Europe for 20 years. Good stuff to know.

Sojourning Abroad


The Basics

Numbers 1-10 in the language

Hello! (in various forms: good morning, evening, night, etc)

My name is… _____________


Please/thank you.


Excuse me.


Do you speak english?

I don’t speak … [insert language]… well.

Speak slower please.

How do you say {english word/phrase} in … [insert language].

Very interesting/wonderful/cool/etc. (and any idiomatic phrases)

May I take a photograph?

{How to toast in a given language}


How much does this cost.

Can I pay with a credit card?

I’d like to pay, please.

I would like… {and then point to menu!  Makes ordering easy!}

Water (and how to make sure it is not carbonated!), Wine, Beer, Soda

Beef, Chicken, Fish, Pasta, Bread, and some other basic foods in each language.

This food is delicious!


Where is the… {place you are looking for}.

Can you show me on the map how to get there?/Can…

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