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Four basic phases of terrorist operations

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Four basic phases of terrorist operations

There are four basic phases to terrorist operations: Pre-Incident Phase, Incident Phrase, Climax Phase, and Post Incident Phase. 

The First Phase is the Pre-Incident Phase, where “We The People” are most likely to be able to detect and report terrorist activity. When you see something suspicious, report it.

The Second Phase is the Incident Phase, when the terrorists go / move to implement their plan. Normally their plan includes at least one Plan B and beyond. They do not want failure. 

The Third Phase is the Climax Phase. This may follow the Incident Phase. This could last anywhere from hours to months. 

The Fourth Phase, is the Post Incident Phase. This is where the terrorists regroup and critique the incident. Operations are documented and shared with others. 

There also may be a Fifth Phase called the Negotiation Phase. This phase is entered into if there are hostages involved. 

Just as a reminder, information I am providing in this ebook is taken from unclassified information taught to military members and Department of Defense Civilians. Their families are also allowed to attend these briefings. 

I was encouraged to give you a civilian version of these briefings, so I produced “We Are The Target”.

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