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Anniversaries, events all coming together

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Folks, we have a few things that are all coming together at pretty much the same time that you should be aware of. 1st, we have the Labor Day Holiday weekend coming up. Then there is the 12th Anniversary of 9/11 approaching. Now, we will have the 1st anniversary of Benghazi on 9/11 as well. To top all that off, now, we have Major Nidal Hasan being found guilty on multiple counts of murder in Fort Hood, Texas. 

That is a lot of stuff coming together at almost the exact same time. Now, being the person that I am, when I started seeing things like this getting ready to happen at once, it really raised an eyebrow, perhaps both and opened an eye. Now remember, I am your security dog, and dogs have a tendency to raise an eyebrow and open one eye when they detect something out of the ordinary that could result in something bad, just to see if it requires further checking. With that said, I definitely have one eyebrow raised and one eye open. The good thing about us dogs, especially those that are trained in security operations and anti-terrorism, once we start to notice, we can react really quickly as I have done on many occasions.  So, my attention has been gotten and I am prepared to react, if necessary. 

Now, I have no idea whether anything will happen or not, but, I am prepared in case. Are you prepared in case something happens? You can be, 

I have written two #ebooks listed on 

We Are The Target

Cycle for Travel Safety

I hope you a safe and enjoyable upcoming holiday weekend.

Your securitydog

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August 24, 2013 at 17:18

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