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Thoughts on the Olympics, Sochi and terrorism

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I have been watching the events leading up to the Olympic Games and felt a need to make a few comments on my thoughts regarding the upcoming events in Sochi, Russia.

The Olympic games are one of the world’s most important events that are supposed to celebrate the best athletes from each country. If my memory serves me correctly, wars have been put on hold and opposing countries have come together in peace to celebrate the best of the best together.

Unfortunately, due to multiple events that have and still are occurring, the upcoming Olympics in Sochi are approaching under the heavy threat of terrorism.

With this in mind, folks that will compete in the games and folks going in support of the games need to be aware of just how serious the situation is, and from what I am seeing and hearing, it is Very Serious.

My job here is not to try to tell you what to do or what not to do, but rather, try to ensure you get enough information to make an educated decision on what you should do in your particular situation if you will be traveling to the Olympics. There is lots of information out there to get informed with and I would suggest you utilize all of it you can.

I would get information on travel safety to and from your destination(s) and be aware of basic information on terrorism that could help you while in the area.

Written by securitydog56

January 22, 2014 at 14:43

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