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Sochi, Russia Olympics Ring of Steel. Are the terrorists already inside the ring?

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As I have been watching and following the news stories and developments leading up to the olympics, a thought came to me that I hope has already occurred to the security officials on the ground in the Sochi, Russia region. Could it be that the terrorists are already inside the Right of Steel and have been there for some time, perhaps since before the Ring of Steel was established?

Since the terrorists have known that the Olympics were going to happen in Sochi for awhile, it seems likely to me that they would want to be proactive and have their people in the region well in advance. Unless, and I don’t see how this could be done, unless the Russians went searching house by house through the entire region, how could they make sure the area is free from terrorists?

Written by securitydog56

January 28, 2014 at 14:06

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