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Some ways for terrorists to get information

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Some ways for terrorists to get information

There is an old question that has floated around for many years; what does a terrorist look like?

In all reality, a terrorist can look like anyone. And terrorists often use ruses to obtain information about their intended targets.

Terrorists can make themselves look like anything or anyone to include: repair persons, sales people, survey takers, police officers, mail carriers, delivery people or just folks asking for information and the list goes on.

Always be aware of who you are talking to, especially if they come to your door or you see them in your neighborhood. I am not saying don’t talk to people, just be aware of them and if they are asking questions that are normal or are they asking pointed questions that a regular person in their stated position would ask. If they state they are someone in a position that would have identification, ask for the identification and verify it.

Written by securitydog56

January 29, 2014 at 12:54

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