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Multiple routes to and from work, home, etc.

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Most of us normally, probably use a standard route to and from work, home, church, etc. It is a very normal thing to do. We live our lives in a certain way. We are comfortable with the route, we know the way, we can listen to the radio or CDs, have some coffee,….. you get the picture. But basically, we normally live a life of routines.

It is good that we have some routines in our lives, but we need to change this up to some degree. It would probably be best to have at least two, perhaps three different routes you can take to work, home or elsewhere. There are multiple reasons for this; 1) in case of emergencies, traffic backups, weather, etc., you have another way to get to the desired destination that you are familiar with, 2) in case you might be getting followed, having different routes can throw off that someone following you. And if you are paying attention to the traffic around you, you may notice different vehicles and perhaps people if they change routes with you.

It is also best to adjust your times for departure and arrival to some degree. Being too predictable is an open invitation, depending on who the bad guys are.

Written by securitydog56

February 5, 2014 at 10:59

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