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Stress Management – Communicating

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This area is one that may be a bit difficult to work out, however, if it can be done, and can be very beneficial. When held captive / hostage, sometimes people have to learn ways to communicate via various forms of created communication as to not arouse the attention of the hostage takers.

One form of communication I would suggest, that has kind of gone out of date with modern communication is Morse Code. Morse Code is a simple system of dots and dashes that can be used in very crude forms when other methods may not be available. It used to be a required part of the Amateur (Ham) Radio Operators test. It is still available and can be learned fairly easily. Other forms of communication can be used also, it is simply limited by the human imagination.

The main thing is to find a way to communicate if the need arises.

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Written by securitydog56

May 16, 2015 at 11:02

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