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Stockholm Syndrome – Defense Mechanisms Defined

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Denial – Occurs when the mind is overlooked by a traumatic experience. The mind responds as if the incident were not happening. Denial can be compared with the unexpected death of a loved one.

Regression – Results in behavior adjustments in which the mind unconsciously selects a behavior that has been successfully used in the past when confronted with total dependency. For example, as children, we were totally dependent on a primary care giver for our needs. In a hostage situation, the hostage taker assumes the role of primary care giver.

Identification – With the hostage taker occurs on the unconscious level. The mind seeks to avoid the wrath or punishment by emulating behaviors and adapting to the hostage takers values. A young military recruit identifies with the drill instructor. Identification initially is to avoid punishment, but eventually changes to the adoption of the instructors standards and values.

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May 22, 2015 at 09:00

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