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We Are The Target – A Citizen’s Guide to Anti-Terrorism

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With the 4th of July around the corner, it is a prime time for folks that wish us harm to be making their plans. Folks off work, people getting together, whether in small groups or large masses and the places they will be at, these can be prime targets for terrorists to attempt to attack to break and blow things up or to attempt to kill people.

We can do simple things to help prevent the bad guys from accomplishing their goals while attaining our goal of celebrating our independence. So, while you are out and about celebrating, or, even if you are one of the folks that may have to work over the holiday, we can all still help stop the bad guys / terrorists / criminals by calling in suspicious activity to the authorities and letting them deal with it. I had a lot rather they get to meet our local law enforcement personnel than us having to deal with the aftermath of their ill plans.

So, download a copy of my ebook “We Are The Target” from for only 99 cents to learn simple ways to help protect yourself and others.

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June 25, 2015 at 09:00

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