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I have a vast background in writing and enjoy various kinds.

I was one of the only boys in my high school that took typing class back in the mid 70s, because I figured it could be beneficial in the future.

I began my writing in the military, writing personnel reports, incident reports, daily activity reports, and I was typically the administrator for my section at different assigned locations.

In the military and as a Department of Defense (DoD) Civilian, I wrote instructions, plans and contingency plans.

After I retired from the military, my sister (Jenny Wingfield, another author/writer) and my wife / Sue recommended I write books on Anti-Terrorism and Travel Safety from my military and Department of Defense training. After a discussion, I wrote the ebooks “We Are The Target” and “Cycle For Travel Safety” listed on

In addition, I have written press releases, currently working on contingency plans for home and business, and am interested in writing news letters among other writings.

I maintain this blog and would enjoy guest blogging for others and discuss others blogging here as well.

Contact me and lets work toward your goals.

This Pen is for Hire.

Written by securitydog56

September 13, 2015 at 08:00

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